Updates to Come – Help?

Putting out a call to tech-savvy climbers: let’s collaborate! There are a few things I’d really like to update about the site but am struggling to do myself. Some include:

  • Make “Interests” searchable when you go to the Browse Partners tab. This way you could type in “Alpine,” and everyone interested in alpine climbing would pop up.
  • Direct messaging between users. Pretty basic. Costs money to install. I WILL DO THIS I PROMISE! This is a pretty crucial aspect of the site, I’d say.
  • Make the site more mobile-friendly. Right now the desktop view is nice and pretty but the mobile view is ehhmmm… lacking.
  • Have a “View My Profile” subheader under the “Mentors” tab, which takes you directly to your own profile. This should be pretty basic but I can’t figure it out!

Any other suggestions for improvement are always welcome! Thx guys.

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