For the Love of Climbing: The Podcast

Photo By Irene Yee | @ladylockoff

Have you heard of Kathy Karlo? Of course you have. She’s the founder of For the Love of Climbing, an awesome and inspiring climbing blog that explores the ideals behind why we climb- “the love of it, the heartbreak, the failures, sends, and everything in between.” Kathy is a writer, an organizer for the No Man’s Land Film Festival, a badass climber, and now – a podcaster! She’s been putting all her efforts into creating a thoughtful dialogue about what fuels us, what we learn from climbing, and how to embrace discomfort. In her words:

“This is not a climbing podcast. Well, sorta. This is a funny/sad/somewhat uncomfortable podcast about choosing vulnerability, talking about our pain, our most awkward moments, and how we are all really just shining examples of this messy human existence.”

Photo by Tim Foote

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Portland Alpine Fest and Base Camp Meetup (SATURDAY!)

Saturday, Nov. 19, 5:30–10 p.m. at Revolution Hall

“Experience an evening of exploration, pushing boundaries, and denying the existence of limits as you hear from two athletes who are out there challenging what is possible on a daily basis.” 

Okay, I am convinced that this event is going to be rad. We’ve got Sasha DiGiulian and Colin Haley as the keynote speakers, an extended screening of the new Fred Beckey documentary (he’ll be making an appearance!), and it benefits the Mazamas, a Portland-based mountaineering club. What’s not to like? Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to actually meet other climbers! Like, in person!

If you can’t make it to the actual event, or don’t want to spend $35 on the ticket (It’ll be worth it!) swing by Base Camp Brewing for the PAFterparty. I’ll be there (probably by myself) so please come and chat! It would be awesome to get the chance to meet up with some of you to share ideas and feedback for Alpenglow Collective, and to just hang out and grab a beer.

More info on the PAF website, I also posted it under the EVENTS tab.


(PS – if you’re trying to find me, this is my face)



Welcome to the Alpenglow

Hey everyone, welcome to Alpenglow Collective. I’m really excited to have finally launched this thing and am eagerly awaiting all of your feedback and inputs. When I decided to post about AC on Facebook a few days ago, I just figured that I would show a couple of friends and continue to tinker around with the look and functions until I had everything perfect. BUT after a few friends shared my post and people whose names I don’t recognize began signing up, I realized it was time to actually take this release seriously and get cracking. I’ll be making a ton of edits within the next couple of weeks, so please feel free to shoot me an email – if you’ve got some ideas! Looking forward to connecting with you all and kicking this off in a big way!


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