Lauren Altemari

Portland, OR

In 2018, I picked up ultra-running, which led to basic mountaineering (Adams, Helens, S. Sister) that led to my interest in climbing. Complete newbie, but what I lack in experience I make up for in stoke for 3 a.m. alarms that lead to adventure and love for IPAs!

Emily Mannisto

2018 recipient of the AAI Guide Like Liz Scholarship - stoked to start training to become an AMGA climbing guide - looking to push my trad game and knock out some alpine climbs!

Jade Adalbert

I recently moved back to the seattle area and I am looking for people to climb with (my friends are all too scared of heights!) I am newish to climbing and mainly do TR and bouldering. I am a V1 boulderer and a 5.9 TRer... i think. Before i moved back, I went to a bouldering gym and did TR outside.

Ariana Dabier Moghaddam

Interested in emotionally safe climbing environments w other womxn, intersectionality and creating a positive learning environment, community building, symbiotic learning/story telling, non-dominant cultural preservation and integration w/in the climbing narrative, and technical skill development!

Hannah B

Looking to get outside this season as much as possible! Down for sport climbing or bouldering. I live in Seattle and travel to Illinois regularly for work.

Madolyn Moritz

Seattle oncology nurse who loves getting out in the mountains. Primarily looking for sport climbing buddies, but I also climb inside at VW Seattle. I also ski tour and enjoy mountaineering. If you enjoy laughs, sending (or flailing), and snacks let's get together!

Leticia Taft-Pearman

Still a newbie, top roping around 5.9 in the gym with the goal of lead climbing eventually. Would also love to try climbing outdoors. Queer, Latinx, early 40s, married, mom to 3 awesome kids.

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