Emma Shinn

Climber, Marine Officer, Attorney, Queer Trans Woman, and Civil Rights Advocate - in no particular order

Greta P

Hello! I'm a cellist/barista about to turn software engineer come September. I am looking for more ladies to climb with especially sport - my partners have kind of disappeared of late and I don't want to just boulder or auto-belay! I also want to get outside more than I do.

Judith Scanlon

My favorite things about climbing are going to new places & crossing paths with cool, bad ass women.

Melissa Yager

Brand new to climbing, I had my first outdoor climbing experience in Red Rocks Nevada and fell in love.
I live and work as a community organizer and social worker, it brings me joy to hear peoples stories and talk about life experiences.

Ivy Staker

Hey all! I'm an outdoors addict looking for some rad women down for climbing and other adventures. I've just moved to Portland from Vancouver, BC and I'm eager to get the lay of the land, make friends, and improve my climbing skills!

Chloe Field

Looking to climb with some B.A ladies!! Moved out to South West Colorado from the east and am eager to bond with new gal pals at the crag.

Amira Shweyk

A fan of epic adventures, political satire, dogs, vegan baked goods, indie rock, and conversations about intersectionality.
Not a fan of mansplaining, cisheterosexism, or racism. Or pickles.

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