Nicole Hamilton

Adventurer. Yogini.
Sometimes I write about it.

Amanda Newcomb

Hiker and climber looking for partners to have adventures with, gym or outdoors, evenings and weekends. Love food? I'm a trail chef. Need a ride? I have a car.

When I'm not adventuring I'm a full-time animator, foodie, and cat mom.

Abby Mitchell

I've been in Seattle about a year and I'm pretty sure the PNW is the place for me. I'm looking to climb, hike, backpack, and backcountry ski, plus make some awesome friends to have a beer with.

Bennett Rahn

Bit of a winter gym rat - lets get outside! Hope to up my outdoor sport lead skills and learn multipitch and alpine skills. On the heavier side, and looking to find partners that are similarly high on stoke but low on strength. Also looking for some semi-tech summits this summer! Lets get up!

Joanne Yeung

I'm a CA native living in SF. Looking for outdoor climbing mentors and climbing partners outdoors and at Dogpatch or Mission Cliffs. I also enjoy yoga, cycling, running, camping, traveling, water sports, reading, podcasts, whiskey (neat), and enjoying a good meal or cooking. Let's climb/hang!

Stephanie Tyler

I am waiting for the day to be able to quit my job and climb all the things!

Lily Conrad
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