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    Elyse NicoleElyse Nicole


    I’m planning on heading down to Potrero Chico in december and was wondering a few things… mainly about transportation! I live in the PNW, and a bud and I were contemplating flying to Austin then renting a car to drive down… is this possible? I found a couple blogs from 9 years ago but wondering if anyone has been there recently? Those blog posts eluded that it wasn’t possible due to rental car agreements and laws and stuff…?

    I have a slew of other questions, but the main question is how we are getting down there.


    Olivia VitaternaOlivia Vitaterna

    Hi, I was there last year and Im so excited for you! It will be an absolute blast!
    I don’t think renting a car on the states side will work, because to drive across the border, you need to have your name match the name that your car is under. Maybe if you find a certain rental service this can be avoided, but I doubt it. I have, however, seen people fly into Monterrey and rent a car from there.
    What else are you wondering about?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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