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    Tricia DeckerTricia Decker

    Hey all! I’m driving from the Bay Area to LA to visit friends this weekend, and I’ll be camping at Malibu Creek SP Thursday and Friday nights. I am looking to climb / boulder / explore the park on Friday 12/8, and I would love a guide / partner!

    I am relatively new to outdoor climbing, and I have some gear for TR and bouldering: a quad anchor that needs to be checked by someone more experienced than myself, a brand new Mammut Eternity Classic 9.8mm x 70m rope, and a smallish Mad Rock crash pad. (I also have my helmet, a rope bag / tarp, my Grigri and an extra ATC guide, among other bits.)

    Either way, I would love to meet up with other ladies from the area if just to have a hiking partner.


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    Cordelia MitchellCordelia Mitchell

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    Nicole SauerNicole Sauer

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