Cami NessCami Ness

I realize I’m super late to the party here lol but I happen to be an REI Advisor (basically they just send me tons of surveys and sometimes gear to test) and they are doing a whole project on sizing issues in the outdoor community. I am tall, 5’10”, and thin-ish (145lb) and I always have trouble finding pants that are both long enough and small enough in the waist, but still fit decently on my (apparently larger than “standard”) hips. REI sent a survey about this exact issue and got back to us with the results, and news that they are working not only within the Co-Op brand but others like prana, Kuhl, Coluimbia and lucy. They said to expect changes/ more extended sizing coming spring 2018.
Just thought I’d give a little more info and share that they do hear us! Outdoors companies have finally realized that we don’t all come shaped like Lulu Lemon models *eye roll*