Finn ShortFinn Short

wow 100% this- hah I think at least half of my stuff is teal or like sage. I buy mens tops/sweaters/jackets as much as I can (I love my dark green down sweater with the mustard trim!!) but the older I get the less often these items are fitting around my hips. I’ve had a similar pants experience as you Christina- I will have to check out the Kuhl pants! I think something I’ve really been surprised by in women’s apparel is how often they are not available in neutral colors- I would think having black as an option wouldn’t be a radical or risky decision from a marketing/sales/whatever standpoint? but so often the only options are teal/pastel/pink/purple. I find it so frustrating that when I’m doing the activities I love the most I feel the least confident/comfortable in my gender expression.

also has anyone noticed that it’s getting harder to find sports bras without padding that like sculpts and shapes your boobs? I have 3 pairs of the nike pro classic and they work for my average sized chest but don’t come in a variety of sizes.

Oh and last but not least- I also have to buy women’s climbing shoes because my feet are tiny. My fave multipitch shoes were the sportiva nagos (in blueish sage lol), which I guess got replaced this year by the salmon pink finales? It was so disappointing to see them switching to a more gendered option!