Susan VennerholmSusan Vennerholm

Ha, this thread sounds like a meatmarket dating site, lol: I’m 5’2″, 115-20 lbs, smaller boobs, ghetto booty, thighs with muscles, wider shoulders, hourglass waist, climber arm muscles and lats. Short torso, long legs for my height, 0 ape index (ratio of arm spread to height).

Jacket issues:
Most women’s jackets are too tight in the shoulders, too long in the arms, too tight in the arms. Like they upsized Barbie as the model.

I’d love to find wider shoulders, arms with muscle room and enough length, but that don’t reach to my knees. And keep the jacket long for wind and wet and reaching while climbing.

I still haven’t found the right gloves for my small hands with wide palms and shorter fingers. I’m a hybrid of all the men’s and women’s gloves out there so I have to sacrifice by either wearing too-long fingers for the right palm, or the right fingers with too tight palm.

Pants for petite gals w/booties and legs:
I love some of Columbia’s hiking pants for climbing and hiking — they make a “short” length and fit my bountiful booty/legs well.

I like Champion sports bras for my small boobs with wide lats.

Recommended climbing pack for short torsos:
I have a BD Speed 30 that I adore — it does have a fixed torso/shoulder strap length, but it works for my short frame. Their Speed series comes in a variety of liter volumes and in each volume are different sizes (ie: you can custom fit for torso length). For multi-pitch alpine rock, I take out the plastic frame insert and it moves really well with my body.

Recommended backpacking packs for short torsos: I love my Deuter. It adjusts for various torsos and goes way down for my 14″ torso. WIN. Super comfy.
I also have a Gregory for bigger loads, it’s heavy but carries weight well. Again, good for short torsos.

Colors: I constantly see men’s colors and go searching for the women’s in the same… fail, fail, fail.
Emily, I’m all IN on the mustard, rust and forest green! Clothing swap? 😀