Olivia VitaternaOlivia Vitaterna

Emily, you bring up a classic issue I think most of us have faced too (is it too far to say ‘all of us’ at some point have just dealt with neon purple or wearing mens/kids clothes?) Personally, I struggle finding sports bras or tops: Think non-suffocating life vests, puffies that are still puffy over the chest, or any technical top that fits both wide climber shoulders + boobs AND smaller tummy/hips. I haven’t yet found any awesome technical clothing/outer layers that accommodates bigger boobs, so if any of you ladies have something to recommend, I really want to hear it!
I think sports bras (like those from Brooks) are doing pretty solid as far as catering to “out there” sizes, as they are literally our first layer and of all the clothing needs to address this the most. They go from bands 30 to 44 with cups A to F for EACH band size, and work from low impact activity, like climbing, to high impact, like those sprinting down hill approaches. Okay, just kidding no one does that, but they would work if you wanted to try! I’ve lived in two of their bras for like 85% of the last two years, so while they’re not cheap, they work and really last!